Montana's Energy Future Symposium
Montana's Energy Future Symposium

October 25, 2005

Dear Montana Energy Symposium Participants:

I want to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to all who attended and participated in "The Montana Symposium: Energy Future of the West." Enthusiasm was high at the conference, and the attendance by over 740 demonstrated the tremendous amount of interest in the important energy issues of our time. I was pleased with the diverse agenda and the quality of the panelists and speakers. Overall, the conference served its part of being an open process to begin the hard task of developing a long-term energy policy for Montana. Montana can, and will, set an example and lead the nation in these matters.

My special thanks to all the participants, including plenary speakers and panelists, many of whom traveled long distances to participate in the conference. I would also like to thank all those folks that helped put the conference together, including the advisory committee I appointed earlier this summer. My special thanks to Montana State University for hosting the event and all the hard work they put into making the symposium run smoothly. Finally, I would like to thank all the dedicated public servants in state government who helped with this venture, including many members of my cabinet and staff.

Thank you all for your interest in such important issues and for caring about the future of Montana and its citizens. Working together, we will create Montana's energy future.

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